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The Most Comfortable Tights
In the History of Legs.

Ultra-comfortable, with a luxe feel and long-lasting
hand-sewn flat-seam.
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Meet the new ruler
of the tights universe.

US-made, priced right and delivered in days.
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Toss your other tights.

These are that good.
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Love them. Live in them.

Tightly Knit

Opaque Black Tights


Sheer Black Tights

On the Grid

Fishnet Tights

Silky-soft feel.

High filament count means the yarns we use are soft and smooth. None of that itchy, scratchy feel – these are tights you can live in.

Move with you.

Wide waistbands that stretch in every direction, moving with you and staying in place without feeling constricting.

Won’t break the bank.

They have the luxurious feel of the overpriced pairs, without the ridiculous price tag.

Tights when you need them.

Single pair orderer? Or stocker-upper?
Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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"At Garni, we’re creating the kind of tights you look forward to wearing all day, every day, doing what you do – and feeling great doing it."