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Turning Tights Upside Down

What we wear is a form of self-expression, from ready to rule the universe, to just not feelin’ it today. But occasionally we get it wrong, and end up spending all day in things we can’t wait to get out of. Like tights that are overpriced and ridiculously fragile. Or strange-fitting and scratchy.

"Tights have traditionally not gotten a lot of love,
from their makers or wearers."

Given how often we reach for them, I wondered how doable it would be to create a great all-day, go anywhere pair. I spent (a few too many) months studying fibers and visiting factories – basically becoming a total fabrication nerd – until I landed on a high-filament, flat-seam, stretchy waistband combo that felt as livable as yoga pants – but weren’t…yoga pants.

At Garni, we’re creating the kind of tights you look forward to wearing all day, every day, doing what you do – and feeling great doing it.